Nextwood, also namely composite wood, is an environmentally friendly material. It is made of recycling wood powder and non-plyvinyl chloride (non-PVC) plastic materials. With an advanced blending technology, both tactile and visual senses have no difference than real wood. Beneficially, using Nextwood reduces human dependency or reliance on traditional timber.

Comparatively, Nextwood is waterproof, anti-septic and anti-termites. Most importantly, it does not contain PVC, CCA, formaldehyde (HCHO) or dioxin even during combustion. Nextwood absolutely causes no harm to human health. More than that, Nextwood is hardly susceptible to discoloring, crack, deformation or scrap. With numerous advantages, Nextwood undoubtedly fits comprehensive conditions. Users are no longer troubled by problems of traditional wood materials.

Nextwood are all directly made in Japan. Apart from a guaranteed quality, the durability of Nextwood can be up to twenty years. It is comparatively more durable than other composite wood found in the market. In addition to experienced and accumulated knowledge, Nextwood is certainly the best choice for all users.

Nextwood fit different positions because it has various shapes, colors and ornamental facings. It can be used outdoors as platforms, decking, wall panels, railings, fences and screens etc. It can also be placed indoors as handles, ceiling ornaments, and wallboard etc. Furthermore, Nextwood can be used for designing, creating and producing unique furniture. It allows architects and users to put imaginations into reality.

再生木,又稱塑木或環塑木,是一種以回收木粉及不含聚氯乙烯的膠料,利用尖端科技混合擠壓而成的環保木料,手感及觀感與真木無異,有助減少人類對傳統木材的過份依賴。 再生木和普通的木材相比,除了防曬、防水、防腐、防白蟻外,而且不含PVC、CCA,不帶甲醛以及燃燒時不會釋放二噁英,對人體健康絕不會構成任何不良的影響。再者再生木不易變色、爆裂、變形或破爛,集多項優點於一身,絕對是全天候的環保建築材料,讓用戶無需再為一般木材所帶來的種種問題而煩惱。 高美時的再生木全部都由日本直接製造,除了木質更有保證外,耐用性亦比市場一般的塑木更高,可持續使用長達二十年。加上多年累積的知識和經驗,是所有追求優質環保建築材料用家的首選。